cookie Cakes


Chocolate Chip:  A symphony of flavors where our choice of velvety or rich chocolate buttercream is nestled between an extra-large chocolate chip cookie and a moist vanilla butter cake.

Momz Chocolate:  Layers featuring chocolate buttercream nestled between an extra-large triple chocolate cookie, and a sumptuously rich chocolate cake.

Popz Sugar:  Smooth vanilla buttercream interlaced between a vanilla butter cake and a sugar cookie adorned with cheddar peanut butter crackers and white candy chips.

Mosaic Sugar:  Vanilla buttercream unites a vanilla butter cake and a sugar cookie embellished with frosted animal cookies and sprinkles, with delicate white candy chips.

Sugar Sensation:  Vanilla buttercream meets a delicate vanilla butter cake, hugged by a sugar cookie infused with the exquisite essence of vanilla bean.

Yummy Lemon:  Vanilla buttercream nestled between a vanilla butter cake and a zesty lemon cookie, elegantly rolled in a buttery Graham cracker crust.

S’more Bliss:  Vanilla or chocolate buttercream is between a S’more cookie packed with marshmallows and Graham crackers, and a layer of either vanilla butter cake or chocolate cake.

Snickerdoodle:  Vanilla buttercream binds together a vanilla butter cake and a fragrant cinnamon sugar snickerdoodle.